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(a new "XYZ" shop of Barber Pole Salon services)


a place for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

A place with a dedicated staff, for you & your entire families needs, for your today & tomorrow's...




located in Tarrytown, NY. 

which is now... 


with continuous XYZ SERVICES (Hair color, hair straightening, Manicures, etc.)

(women & children welcomed)

with a reasonable inexpensive cost for Men, Women, and Children


With the purchase of your 1st $27.00-$32.00 haircut with us...



(Additional discount offers do not apply with this offer)


(914) 332-8093 

Please, tell us that you want both the Haircut and "FREE Massage" 

when yo call us so that it can be properly scheduled

We cater to your most secretive hidden needs within your 

grooming & cleanup care...

Special Note of OUR PROMISE to you: 

 "THE BARBER POLE Soaring Cuts & XYZ", in Tarrytown, NY, 

will always make your safety & confidence our top priority.

It's been a great haul this past year as we dealt with the Covid epidemic 

to keep our clients and staff safe.

Our promise is that even if the epidemic continue to leave us we will always continue to take 

your health most serious. Therefore, our strategy would be 

to continue to be ready for whatever storm may come our way.

 In certain designated areas we allow a person to remove their mask 

only if they can show proof of an complete vaccination. 

We do this because we honor everyone's rights. 

However, at THE BARBER POLE, we understand 

that there are clients that are less fortunate, 

they might have been advised not to take the vaccination for health reasons, etc.

Therefore, our vaccinated clients can only take off their mask in only the "work station" area's 

to continue to keep the less privileged in good health. 

We will not judge anyone of their freedom of choice, nor will we jeopardize a clients health.

Why? Because we are licensed Cosmetologist, not Physicians to diagnose any client.

In the future, it will be mandatory to wear a mask if a person is

 'uncontrollably sneezing or coughing' due to what they believe to be allergies. 

We will provide the mask for them if needed. 

Please, If you believe you are coming down with the slightest cold, 

stay home and take care of your self.

The Barber Pole of  Tarrytown's goal for the future

 is not to only SOAR like eagles with salon services for you,

but to  remain professional in all we do, 

to accommodate you & everyone the best we can in rights & health. 

Our continuous promise will be to try to keep an safe environment for all

By the way, If you can prove your vaccinated 

we now can now trim your beard. 

Just show us your vaccination card 

(you can also download it on   :))

We Are Dedicated throughout Our Services

           Welcome to THE BARBER POLE a place that we are Soaring our Haircuts further into other XYZ Services.  Why? ...because our clients deserve the best! And, in this best, our clients deserve much-much more for their dedication to us over the past years that we have been in business. 

           The Barber Pole, in Tarrytown had existed since 1996. The Barber Pole was mainly catered to men cuts by not Barbers but by Cosmetologist (Licensed to do much more than Barbering). The founders of the Poles were, John Vacarro & Enzo Morales (John was the Vice President of Adam & Eve in Scarsdale, and Enzo was owners with Lawence at, Plaza Design located in Mount Kisco). The Barber Pole would soon be known for its unique Barber Pole "haircutting parlors", . John & Enzo opened their first Barber Pole haircutting parlor in Mount Kisco, The Barber Pole, with the new vision to create a place again for men after the ‘1980 Men/Long hair Salon era’. Through, John's & Enzo's survey findings, they realized that after the long-hair era, men just wanted their old-fashioned barbershop back so the new haircutting parlors would soon come into existence. The vision began to unfold in Mt K BP in May of 1996 where Gilbert, the manager at the time was. Roseann, Julie and few others first settled there. Dilcia (Dee) was working at Adam & Eve in Tarrytown when she first heard about the vision of The Barber Poles. The Barber Pole of Tarrytown opened its new doors about an month or two afterwards with Dilcia as the main shop manager (and because of my previous management experience at Super Cuts in Yonkers He decided to make me an floating manager to assist between the shops). Kim, Jennifer, and myself worked side by side with Dilcia’s to help her grow the new starting business. I was still working part-time at, Adam & Eve Total Look, in Yonkers, NY where I first was employed by John Vaccaro. John, introduced me to his new-fresh idea when the Mount Kisco and Tarrytown locations was being fixed up for their grand openings. That’s when John & Enzo thought about making me an floating assistant manager to help Dilcia in the Tarrytown location, and for the new haircutting parlors that was soon to come. Their vision did get bigger as they planned, and they were to soon open their third haircutting parlor.  John and Enzo then had me help them assist the very new, The Barber Pole of  Larchmont where Maria and others would soon be employed. I helped John and Enzo once a week in Larchmont as I floated between all three shops of Tarrytown, Mount Kisco & Larchmont. The Barber Pole of Larchmont failed about 7yrs after it's grand opening due to an ridiculous-extreme rent increase, but both Tarrytown & Mount Kisco, NY "The Barber Poles" continued to keep strong up to mid-March 2020, Covid19. Around 16years ago, Dilcia, moved on to open her very own shop, but did come back after Covid19. Tarrytown to date kept the rest of the original staff of: Kim, Dilcia (Dee), and myself. Eventually, The Tarrytown haircutting parlor disconnected & went solo owned mid June 2020 with its own new FULL SERVICES idea.

        After restrictions of Covid19, shop guidelines,  John & Enzo decided to hand over ownership of, "The BarberPole" located in Tarrytown to me so that they can take an earlier retirement. Who can blame them? Anyway, In their decision, they decided to give away Tarrytowns haircutting parlor in hopes to save the staffs, jobs and to save THE BARBER POLE clientele a place to return too. I'm sure John & Enzo carefully considered all options in their decision making...

           Our decision for the Tarrytown's Barber Pole survival after Covid19 was to bring back a new approach of SALON SERVICES for men, women & children. The Barber Pole of Tarrytown took new ownership as "The Barber Poles Soaring Cuts & XYZ, INC." which is "A NEW MANS SALON" with much more services that we were always equipped to do as licensed Cosmetologist.  For those that don't know and ask, "What is Soaring Cuts & XYZ?"  XYZ means just that!-we are much more then just the old haircutting parlor. WE NOW HAVE  ADDITIONAL SERVICES FOR YOUR HAIR & NAIL CARE...And, WE CHOOSE TO SOAR WITH NEW HOPES LIKE EAGLES INTO THE FUTURE. Our new approach, for our existence & to continue to serve you is to offer you & your family more up keep services such as: hairpiece servicing, basic manicures and pedicures; hair coloring, hair straightening, Keratans, etc.  

           Yes, everyone of us had to ride the recent rough epidemic waves of Covid19, but the staff at, "The Barber Pole" in Tarrytown could have never survived with out you. Therefore, we in Tarrytown, in return are going to provide more services for you so that "The Barber Pole" can continue tomorrow to exist to serve each and everyone of you...  Again, Kim, Dilcia (Dee), Including John & Enzo, and I, thank every single one of you. We are who we are because of you ...We, Dilcia, Kim & I, promise to continue to commit to all of you ..."Men, Women, Children & Our soon to be New Comer's" alike. Yes, The Barber Poles had a great loyal staff throughout the years. But, we must give credit where credit is due. We thank our clientele for their devotion & long-time loyalty over all the years.

           "I take this time to thank my past employer's & original founder's, John Vaccaro and Enzo Morales... John & Enzo I thank you for being great employers all these years to all of us. It is sad to see you both go, and I know its just as hard for you to retire a few years earlier because of Covid19, but who would have ever known, right? Well, you both will be greatly missed. 

John, I speak for all of us that it will be hard for us to find the phone not ringing for numbers every one-two hours, LOL:))... And, Enzo, your not forgotten, "Merry Christmas from Tarrytown" now you have it in writing …LOL:)). 

All kidding aside, I thank both of you, you both were wonderful employers. 

If either one of you ever come back around this way, please stop in....

Oh, and it will be a pleasure for either one of you to fill in for us at any time...

Enjoy your long earned retirement. You both definitely deserves to kick your shoes off 

with a glass of wine and enjoy your retirement's". 

The Barber Pole

(dba, "Soaring Cuts & XYZ")

Traditional Haircuts

Are you looking for just a simple hair cut service that fits your hair condition, length or budget? 

OUR Haircut's start


$ 27.00

(shampoo & other services are additional)


Hair Piece & wig trimmings services beginning at...


$ 190.00


Our staff are professional and are more then able to accommodate your needs in any style that you are looking for...


check our "service links" above for more detail.

The Barber Pole's Discount or Free Specials...

We have specials for Seniors, Juniors & Children under 15 yrs of age. 




(on Tuesday & Wednesdays only)


Our 2-15 yrs clients specials are 



...and our 

"Thank You Service" 


Police Officers; 

Firefighters; & Military clients




AND, We Have...

A CRAZY  $ 4.00 Coupon for those who spend over  

$ 40.00.

AND, We Have other free services with point system's etc. as you come & apply...

OH, You must check out OUR "SOARING PLANS" for "extra extra" savings...


check our "service links" above for more detail.

Bang, Mustache & Beard & Bang Trims / Machine Shave

(Not vaccinated? Or, still don't feel comfortable taking off your mask? PLEASE NOTE: I found a way without taking off the mask to lineup beards and blend it out into the unreachable for an easier selfcare. What I can do is leave out the triangle area of the nose and the mouth area.s, (what I call the "Triangled Beard"). I find that this service can help with your beard upkeep during this difficult time because then you can go home & take care of the mustache & the rest that I am not able to do. If this is something your interested in ask for Patti)

Are you looking for a simple Bang Or Beard trim? 

...Or are you looking to shave your head? 

...Or, want just a tape or clean up?

These services start at 

 $ 10.00

Our staff has been performing these serves 

for 25 plus years & are more then able to accommodate 

your needs...

You will not be disapointed in any of our services.


check our "Services Links" above for more 


Our Other Services...


$10.00 (&up)...

* We have both: Walk-In and Appointment only Services.

* We can provide privacy care for our cancer and special-needed clients.


* We also provide Reasonable and flexible Services for our clients that need:


& Conditioning;

blow-dry's; and 

chemical service's of 

hair coloring, straighteners (Including Keratin) & body waves, etc.


In addition, we provide full care for our hair piece & wig care.

Oh, & lets not forget those that need..., an 

Hot Stone Towel Massage 

or, our simplest 


& or 


So, don't hesitate any longer check our service Link above for more detail.

...By the way, there will be many more services to come.

We help you look great

Our product is started with a great attitude & a great haircut. Without a great attitude or great haircut everything seems to fall apart. A good haircut and its care depends on its therapeutic & honest service. Therefore, here at "The Barber Pole", we will never just sell a product to make a buck. It must work for you...


We do have our own line of "The Barber Pole"  products. Products that have had & has been tested... If its not safe, we don't use it!

Quality - Service - Atmosphere

Welcome to Our Team

We love helping you take care of your personal care needs...



since 1996 



June 2020

Christine (Chris)

Administrator Assistant

since 2021



since 1996



since 1999

(from The Barber Pole

in Mount Kisco)



The Barber Pole 

" of Tarrytown"

Original Manager in 1996


since 2020

Services Times of Business




     & NIGHT OWL HOURS: 5:30pm-7:30pm




        10:30am- 5:00pm


           10:30am- 5:00pm

        & NIGHT OWL HOURS: 5:30pm-7:30pm 



  & NIGHT OWL HOURS: 5:30pm-7:30pm





* Appointments  are definitely necessary after 5pm

& our last person is taken no later than 15min 

before closing (unless its an appointment).

Sorry, Late comers may need to reschedule 

thier appointment if it is not agreed 

with the sylist on shift

Also, keep in mind that our "Hours of Business" may change during Holidays, summer months, etc. any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at: 

during business hours...  (914) 332-8093

Or by either,

Checking our hours on:

 Facebook, Instagram, Yelp or Google

under "The Barber Pole Tarrytown"

Or contacting me at:

[email protected]